Church of St. Anthony of Padua

In the heart of İstanbul, on İstiklal Street in Beyoğlu there is a church which makes people from all religions, from all races curious with it’s spectecular architecture and challenges the hardships of time all those years. I enter the church from it’s gates with iron grates, between people who look inside with curiosity.

After all the fires that happened, St. Anthony’s Church was built again and it was opened for use in 1912. And it is one of the first reinforced concrete buildings in Beyoğlu.

It was built in the shape of a Latin cross in a neo gothic fashion by the Italian architecture Giulio Mongeri. The church walls start with mosaics and continue with red bricks. The dooryard is always full of people. People try to take pictures of this magnificent building all week from 8 am to 7 pm.

Bethlehem in the St. Anthony by Pi István Tóth Bethlehem in the St. Anthony by Pi István Tóth

Because of the christmas in the dooryard there are different statues which show Jesus and his mother Marry, and there are christmas trees. Everywhere is fancy and St. Antuan Church is ready for christmas.

In the right corner of the church there is Pope 23th Jean’s statue with a pigeon on his hand which became the symbol of peace.


Candles by Jonathan Hinkle Candles by Jonathan Hinkle

When you enter the church there are dozens of burning candles on the left and right, bear the meaning there will be no darkness and they will help your wishes become true. People who come to church buy candles to help the church as well and make their wishes. Candles are lighted with the flame of the other candle.

Holy Heart of the Mesiah Jesus
Holy Heart of the Mesiah Jesus

The Holy Heart of the Mesiah Jesus

Ey, The holy heart of Mesiah Jesus
I love you, I worship you, whom is the source of all good.
And I offer my heart to you as I regret all my sins.
Accept it, purify it and light it with your love.
Make it patient, clean and make it suitable only for your demands.
Protect me when I am in danger.
Console me when I am troubled.
Health to my body,
Help in my needs in life,
Benefit in my actions, and when it’s time to die give me your protection.
Make me persevere to your love to the eternity.
Make me praise your glory and your mercy.
Be with us and protect our home.
Help us to be filled with your love.
Because blessedness, greatness, gloryfication, pride, power is yours.
You saved us with your precious blood.
Show us mercy, the holy heart of the Mesiah Jesus. Amen.

The statue of the holy heart of the Mesiah Jesus is impressing people who see it. The prayer above is written on a plate in front of the glass which protects the statue. And with reading this prayer the Christians show their loyalty to the Jesus and expect help from him.

Christmas Decorations by Jonathan Hinkle Christmas Decorations by Jonathan Hinkle

There are fancy Christmas trees and some statues which tell about the childhood of Jesus.

Jesus, when he was a baby, and the angels protecting him and his mother Marry.

A child angel is banishing the evil with the candle in his hand. Our visit was really good because we could get to see a lot of different images and statues because of the Christmas.

Bethlehem in the St. Anthony by Pi István Tóth Bethlehem in the St. Anthony by Pi István Tóth

On the walls there are relieves and pictures of Jesus. There are christmas fancy christmas trees each side of the Jesus statue in the very front of the church. The flowers especially prepared fort he christmas ceremony, take people away from reality.

The long columns of the church are one of the best examples of the Italian architecture.

There are statues of Jesus which show him on the cross. And also there is a statue of Jesus on cross, on the top of the chruch..

The ceiling of the church is formed with domes connecting with each other.

There are benches inside of the church for those people who come to pray.

Inside St. Anthony by Gannon Inside St. Anthony by Gannon

People sit on those benches during the ceremonies and while praying.
5-6 people can sit on those wooden benches. Whenever you g oto the church you can see people on those benches while they are praying.

There is a mummy inside of the church. Entrance is restricted for those areas so we couldn’t take pictures from closer. Some parts are restricted for entrance. Guests can sit in the back part of the church and can see some areas on the front. And ritual musics can be heard from the speakers inside of the church.


Some information I learned from internet about the church:

  • The architecture of the Church
  • It was designed by the well know architectures Gulio Mongeri and Eduardo de Nari in the begining of the century.
  • Church was built in the neo gothic style.
  • The fron side reflects the style of tuscanlombard from 14th century.
  • Inside of the church is shaped as a Latin cross
  • There is a same size romansque cript.
  • The nef in the center is 50m long and 9.80m wide from abscess to the.door
  • The nefs on the sides are 4.70m.
  • Transept is 29.20 m.
  • The church’s hight from inside is 23m.
  • The cross on the frontispiece is 26 m from the ground.
  • On the back side the church is 56m higher than the road height.

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