Beylikdüzü has 12.4 km coastline along Sea of Marmara and its neighbour districts are Avcılar, Esenyurt and Büyükçekmece. Beylikdüzü is a well-planned one compared to other districts. There are many building complexes with many facilities instead of squatter houses.

The emperors of Byzantine and also the sultans of Ottoman Empire had always visited Beylikdüzü, to stay in their hunting lodges and summer palaces. They were organizing hunting parties and enjoy hunting migrant quails. Quails were easy to hunt as they were always tired after migrating from Black Sea.

As a result of its location, Beylikdüzü has never become a popular district in the city to reside. It’s usually preferred by families and university students whose university campuses are located here in Beylikdüzü. The social life of district is not very lively. You may expect to find many shopping malls and coastal road where residents of district enjoy their times or rest. Activity starts with morning sports at the coastal promenade road where you can also enjoy beautiful sunset and continues until the later hours of the night.

Roman Boathouse is said by experts to be from the Roman era, situated on the coastline of Beylikdüzü and west of the Ambarlı port. Although a section of the structure can be seen by the naked eye, it is thought that a substantial part is immersed under-ground. The sections that are exposed have been damaged, partly by people and partly by the effect of the sea. The architectural style of the structure, construction techniques and the elegance style of the tiles that were used have led certain experts to have the opinion that it could be from the Roman era. The boathouse seems to consist of 5 sections up to the point that it can be observed from outside. This structure has been included to the list of 1st level conservation areas by the Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board. Haramidere Hunting Lodge, Greek houses from Ottoman era and Anastasius City Walls are the other places for history seekers.

Shore along the Sea of Marmara consists of narrow beaches with dead sea cliffs behind. However, as a result of recreational works undertaken at Gürpınar, Gürpınar shores were filled up to the point where Kavaklı Dere stream flows into the sea and wide-artificial fill area was acquired. In some sections of this artificial area beaches with partially sandy areas have formed.

Beylikdüzü district is one of the most important districts of Istanbul in terms of economic values. Ambarlı Port, located on the south eastern part of district, is the largest container port in Turkey. Coppersmith’s Industrial Complex and Marble Producers Industrial Complex are other important economical features. Each year, many events take place in Tüyap and Congress Organization Centre including book fairs, construction equipment fairs consequently causing many domestic and foreign visitors to travel around.

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