Asmalı Cavit

Cavit Saatçi, a gentleman from the Black Sea, who connects his name with the street name. In Meyhane, Asmalı Cavit is offered, a service that is unique, appeals to the taste and is adapted to the traditional adaptation and tradition of the tavern. It was opened in the 90s and soon found a line that could be considered a senior tavern. The talent is to offer special tastes with an understanding of boutique taverns. You can get to the place by walking a few steps. It is immediately noticeable that the old tavern culture is kept alive with stylish decoration. The upper floor reminds you that you are in an old Greek building with a low ceiling. Cavit Bey, which is one to one with everyone, is more a place for journalists, writers and theatre actors. The main appetisers recommended by the customers are roast chard, fava, whiting marinade, eggplant salad, fried liver, brain salad, muska börek.

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Asmalı Mescit Cd. No:16/D, 34430 Beyoğlu
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