Acemoğlu Hamamı

Acemoğlu means conscripted boys who are brought up for the janissaries. The bath was built as a part of military post where those conscripted boys study to be a janissary. Its original name was Acemi Oğlanlar. It’s known as one of the oldest bath of the city.

Sultan Mahmud II is exterminated janissaries on 15 June 1826 with his new forces. His forces Asakir-i Mansure-i Muhammediye, ‘’The Victorious Soldiers of Muhammad’, and demolished everything belonged to guild of janissaries. It was bought by the father of greatest Ottoman composer İsmail Dede Efendi. Since then the bath has always served to civilians. After his father died, İsmail Dede Efendi sold it and donated to Yenikapı Dervish Lodge.

Acemoğlu Hamamı succeed to survive against the rage of Sultan Mahmud II, but it’s hard to say it survived against 21st century capitalism. The historical bath was rebuilt together with the hotel next to it. It has been working as a bath within the hotel. The building itself was one of the best examples of remaining Ottoman barracks bath, there’s nothing left from it. Its name changed to Acemoğlu Hamamı during the period.

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