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Bosnali Ibrahim Pasha was vizier during the reign of Sultan Murad III. Originally from Bosnia, he was a graduate of the royal school in Istanbul and then appointed as governor to Diyarbakır, Damascus and Egypt. In 1584 he married Ayşe Sultan, a princess of the royal court. This was a major turning point in his life. He became a very active man; two years after he got married, he was appointed as chief admiral. He then was appointed as second vizier and finally he became the second-man in . Bosnali Ibrahim died during his campaign to Belgrad in 1601, after which his body was returned to the capital and he was buried in the Şehzade complex.


Destari Mustafa was vizier during the reign of Sultan Selim I. He was educated in Enderun, the royal school. As had happened to Rustem Pasha, he married one of the princesses and became a “damat”. His mausoleum contains the remains of four other people; one of them is his wife, Ayşe Sultan, and the other three are children. Two of them are daughters of Destari Mustafa Pasha while the other one is a son of Lahit Pasha.


Unfortunately, there are no reliable sources regarding Hatice Sultan. When visiting the tomb, you notice that there is no inscription on the tomb. According to Sicil-I Osmani this tombs contains the graves of the daughters of Yavuz Sultan Selim. According to Haluk Şehzuvaroglu the tomb was built for the daughter of Sultan Murad III, however researcher and writer Çagatay Ulucay emphasized that Sultan Murad III never had a daughter named Hatice. Some other researchers say that the tomb is the final resting place of the daughters of Hatice Sultan, who was the daughter of Yavuz Sultan Selim.


When prince died at the age of 22, his daughter Humasah Sultan survived and received special attention from her grandfather, Sultan . She resided in the Topkapı Palace until she married Ferhat Pasha in 1566. It is said that they loved each other a lot and had a very happy life in their beautiful house close to the Şehzade Mosque. Everyone enjoyed the couple’s happiness, especially Sultan , enabling Ferhat Pasha to build a prosperous career. Their happiness did not last long however: Ferhat Pasha died 8 years after they got married. Their daughter Fatma Sultan is a reminder of their fortunate marriage. Not a lot is known about her, it is said that she died in 1588 and was buried in the Şehzade complex in a tomb dedicated especially to her.

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